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A Welcome to our New and Future Customers

I wanted to extend a warm hello to those who are and will be playing our games, with our first title launched last week: Political Rampage.  Political Rampage is a fun, fast-paced puzzle game for iOS, where political stars face off, score debate points, and show us their special flair.

In the weeks, months, and years ahead we will bring you games that you enjoy for a long time.  We will also treat you with the respect all consumers deserve and listen to your concerns and wishes.

You will see from FiveOneNine a company that takes its mission very seriously, even though we are in the fun business.  That mission is to


Our games will be fun.  We are competing with some of the best game companies in the world, Zynga, Disney, and we are committed to making all of our games as much or more fun than our competitors.


Our games will be more interesting than typical social games as we will be bringing in content from the real world.  Not only will you have fun playing our games, but the real world content will make then thought-provoking and stimulating. 


Our games will give you an additional way to interact with friends and the community.  By integrating real world content into social games, you will have more to talk with your friends about than whether your artichoke has wilted. 

Again, a sincere welcome to our soon to be customers and members of the FiveOneNine family.

Lloyd Melnick,CEO

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If you think politics is one big name..

FiveOneNine Games is launching its first title: Political Rampage! This game will feature over-the-top caricatures of popular political figures such as President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin facing off in a humorous match-three format.” “Match three” refers to arcade-style games where players race to come up with three of a kind. Visit us at for more information.

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